I’ve shot and edited over 100 hundred videos in Chicago. Before I moved here worked as a travel videographer. Before that I worked in the news. I worked with Late Night With Seth Meyer’s performer Conner O’Malley to make videos under the name Coozehound which looks bad on a business card. I currently make sketches with Chicago comedian Daniel Strauss. My work has been featured on Rolling Stone, Grantland, ESPN, and Splitsider.

I shot and edited all the work below and on my youtube page unless otherwise noted.

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Inside The Wrestlers Mind

Written by and starring Colt Cabana and Marty DeRosa


Burt Mungo Retired WWE Referee
Written by and starring Daniel Strauss

Written and starring Conner O’Malley

Written by and starring Aidy Bryant 

Music By Jesse Case

Written by Conner O’Malley, Michael Brunlieb, and myself.

Featuring Conner O’Malley and Michael Brunlieb

Written by and featuring Mark Logsdon

Written by Jon Colomb

Featuring Jimmy Pennington, M. Trevor Higgins, and Ben Cook