This was really fun to do. 


At this point, our friend Mark Colomb is probably snugly secure in his Denver home, living it up in mountain time (MT). We miss him a ton, but we sure did have a great night at his last (for now) Your Stories, where he co-curated and provided some fantastic closing remarks. This episode, enjoy:

  • Cover Stories: Girl, You’ll Be a Woman Soon
  • Cover Stories: Son of a Preacher Man
  • Spencer Ham: That ’70s Cult
  • Debbie Banos: My Own Fan
  • Katie Utke: This Only Happens in the Movies
  • Joseph Michael Essex: How to Be a Man
  • Claire Friedman: OK Choices
  • Mark Colomb: The Necessity of Fandom
  • Cover Stories: Hooked on a Feeling

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