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Returning a Video To Blockbuster

Conner O’Malley and I are Coozehound. We make videos.

The Shrek is Real – Coozehound

Conner O’Malley and I are Coozehound. The Shrek is real and one man intends to stop him.

Smurf Club

A ton of people helped bring this video together. Jamison Webb, Joey Romaine, Nick Liveski, John Sabine, Josh Segovia.

Five Hour Energy – Get The Facts

Daniel Strauss of The Second City and I worked on a spot for 5 Hour Energy.

Coozehound – The Boy Who Loved Fraiser

Conner O’Malley and I are Coozehound. We profile a boy that loves Fraiser.

Coozehound – Chicago Red Eye

Conner O’Malley and I are Coozehound. We created a video to help The Red Eye Chicago.

Why Oh Why – The Pop Tarts

I shot a video for The Pop Tarts a Chicago based musical sketch group.

Coozehound: Grandma Was Right

New video from Conner O’Malley and myself.


New Video From Kill All Comedy

New Video I shot and cut featuring Anthony Oberbeck. See more of his work at KILL ALL COMEDY dot COM


Leaked Los Angeles Lakers Summer Plans

The good folks at BALLERBALL.COM and I found a video from The Los Angeles Lakers PR Department concerning their Summer Plans.

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