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It’s A Mad Mad Mad Mad Max World

Jamison Webb and I put this thing together. We love both these movies and have no desire to get sued. Fury Road and It’s A Mad Mad Mad Mad World I guess mashed up as a trailer. That’s what SEO want’s to call this. Who am I to question keywords? Mash-up?

It’s Mad Mad Mad Mad (Max) World from Mark Colomb on Vimeo.

Colt Cabana Fringe Festival Spot

Colt emailed me Friday about 6pm asking if I could make something out of him and Brendon sitting on a bed. I emailed this video back to him by 10pm that night. It’s really silly but I honestly believe it’s memorable and will help him sell his show. Please listen to The Art of Wrestling and make it to Fringe once in your life.

Inside The Wrestlers Mind with Colt Cabana and Marty DeRosa

This was fun. Colt and Marty let me film a sketch they wrote and star in. I edited as well. Mike Malarky did the score. Dan Myzinger helped us out. Read a profile of Colt Cabana in Rolling Stone where the video is featured. Thanks to Colt for helping me sneak into Rolling Stone.

An Hour With Your Ex: Sealed For Your Protection

Mel Evans and I tackle the dangers of reddit and ebola.

An Hour With Your Ex Podcast: Wedding Gifts

So many kitchen appliances. A new video from Mel Evans and myself.

Werner Herzog and Sonic

We Got In The RedEye…Twice

Conner O’Malley and The RedEye

What kind of monster would make such a video? Luckily RedEye Chicago is on the case. 

“Look, we have a lot of videos on our YouTube channel. No, really, we have like hundreds of videos on our YouTube channel that our video editor Sean Ely is responsible for. But this video, titled simply “Red Eye Chicago” is just … Something. Something that apparently has better SEO value than stuff we’ve done ourselves…”

Read the rest here.

Former wrestling referee Burt Mungo subscribed to the WWE network. He has some questions about his time in the Attitude Era.   Daniel Strauss wrote and is featured in this one. I shot/cut it and did way too many graphics. Really enjoy this one. Please look at Dan’s other videos when you get the chance.  Or see him at The Second City or on Chicago’s WTTW.

Sharing With Aidy Bryant

An oldie but a goodie. Lots of great people in this one.

Lockout: The Musical

I made a behind the scenes video to help my boss at BallerBall promote his fantastic new show Lockout: The Musical. It goes up August 23rd and runs through September 15th at ATC Chicago. It’s a great cast and a really funny show.

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