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Twitter Bros Play: Civ 5! Ep 5

Twitter Bros Play: Civ 5! Ep 5

The Twitter Bros return. We continue building our various civilizations. Chris Geiger from Chicago’s “The Nerdologues” and I are on the same continent. Chicago comedian Kellen Terrett is somewhere across the sea. We are hoping to play this game to the finish. Streaming games is a ton of fun and I hope to do more of it shortly.


The Nerdologues is a comedy collective in Chicago. They are hosting my old podcast The Poor Choices Show, Talking Games with Tim and Clayton, Your Stories, MBSing, videos, and more. A great group of people you can see at The Pub Theater in Chicago.

Twitter Bros Play Civ 5: The Nerdologues

Chris Geiger, Kellen Terrett, and Mark Colomb (SEO, SEO, SEO) continue to rebuild the world. We are playing our way through Civilization Five. Big thanks to Chicago’s The Nerdologues and Chris for getting this together.

The Nerdologues: Twitter Bros Play Civ 5

Chris Geiger, Kellen Terrett, and myself continue building our civilizations. Chris recorded the show for The Nerdologues and we intend to keep playing till we finish.

Civilization 5 Stream

Chris Geiger of The Nerdologues was super nice and invited me and Chicago comedian Kellen Terrett to play Civilization 5. It was a blast and we recorded the whole thing. The plan is to post the entire session week by week. I already ordered a new headset. This was our first time streaming. Look for more.

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