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Month: November 2016

An Hour With Your Ex Podcast: Frances Ha

Frances Ha Podcast

Frances Ha Podcast

Frances Ha Podcast

We’re back! And we brought some friends. Steve Bessette (Creative Manager Alamo Drafthouse Denver) and Kendal Hurst (Events Manager Alamo Drafthouse Denver) stop by to talk about Noah Baumbach and Greta Gerwig‘s FRANCES HA. It’s 86 minutes of black and white in the big city. We talk a little bit about the Alamo Drafthouse near the end. Thanks for listening.

An Hour With Your Ex is a Denver based podcast hosted by Mel Evans and Mark Colomb. It used to be a Chicago based show. Frances Ha is a movie directed by Noah Baumbach. It was written by Noah Baumbach and Greta Gerwig.

Writer, There’s A Fly In My Fly Soup


After the guests of Westworld get done shooting their guns and blowing their loads we’re shown how a team of technicians has to strike the set and take a wire brush to clean out the detritus of this dream vacation. Just like the folks that write about TV each Monday morning. Or maybe Ed Harris’ Man In Black is a better analogy? Re-capers determined to find a seam and slip through the narrative to find “the right” answers to questions the show isn’t even asking. One critic I usually enjoy seemed to be upset that Westworld had too much of “The West” in it. That’s like being mad that the bagel place doesn’t serve sushi. 


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