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Month: June 2015

The Remake Podcast: The Thin Man

The Remake Podcast: The Thin Man

We Remake The Thin Man on The Remake Podcast

We Remake The Thin Man on The Remake Podcast

Mel Evans and I were guests on The Remake Podcast hosted by Josiah Jenkins and Rob Grabowski. We talked about our love of The Thin Man. Hear who we would like to have play Nick and Nora Charles today. Who could be Asta? 


Jurassic World Podcast

An Hour With Your Ex 126: Jurassic World With Guest Natalie Kossar of Pattern Behavior.

Jurassic World  on An Hour With Your Ex Podcast

Jurassic World on An Hour With Your Ex Podcast

22 years after your were filled with awe and wonder it’s time to GO BACK to the island! This time it’s all sponsored and branded. We head to Jurassic World with special guest Chicago comedian Natalie Kossar writer of Pattern Behavior. Mel Evans and Mark Colomb are your Chicago based hosts. We talk about nostalgia, BDH, and who exactly the villain of the movie is. Mel knew it was Vincent D’Onofrio this time.

An Hour With Your Ex is a Chicago based podcast hosted by Mel Evans and Mark Colomb. They are both comedians in Chicago. Natalie Kossar is also a comedian in Chicago. Jurassic World is a movie written by brand standards and directed by Colin Trevorrow but I guess Steven Spielberg had final cut. This episode is sponsored by Jackbox Games and The Chicago Podcast Coop. I wrote this whole thing while I was fixing a motorcycle. This last bit is for SEO. Jurassic World Podcast.

It’s A Mad Mad Mad Mad Max World

Jamison Webb and I put this thing together. We love both these movies and have no desire to get sued. Fury Road and It’s A Mad Mad Mad Mad World I guess mashed up as a trailer. That’s what SEO want’s to call this. Who am I to question keywords? Mash-up?

It’s Mad Mad Mad Mad (Max) World from Mark Colomb on Vimeo.

An Hour With Your Ex 125: Interstellar (2015)

Interstellar Podcast with Max Temkin

Interstellar Podcast with Max Temkin

We exist in all dimensions at once this week on An Hour With Your Ex. This tiny Chicago base podcast is joined by co-creator of Card Against Humanity Max Temkin to talk about Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar. We talk about corn, make stuff up about quantum theory, head to 2001, and beyond the infinite. If you are Dr. Wolf Man or Dr. Hugh Man you will enjoy this trip through the wormhole.

An Hour With Your Ex is a Chicago based podcast hosted by comedians Mel Evans and Mark ColombMax Temkin is the creator of the Maxistentialism Zine and a member of the Chicago Podcast CoopInterstellar is a 2014 film written by Jonathan Nolan and Christopher Nolan. Matthew McConaughey makes faces through the film. As does Anne Hathaway. This last bit is for SEO.

Ex Hour Podcast 124: Daredevil Series One (Netflix)

PARKOUR! We’re The Daredevil! This show we went to the formerly seedy Hell’s Kitchen by way of Netflix and watched Daredevil. Charlie Cox plays Matt Murdock and The Daredevil in this Netflix original series. We invited host of The Pop Fury Podcast Sammy Tamimi to talk comics, tv, parkour, and more. How is Foggy? How many episodes did it take for Mel to realize that Kingpin was played by Vincent D’Onofrio?

An Hour with Your Ex is a Chicago based podcast hosted by comedians Mel Evans and Mark ColombThe Pop Fury Podcast is hosted by comedian Sammy Tamimi. This episode of our show is sponsored by Field Notes Brand Notebooks and The Chicago Podcast Coop. Daredevil is a show on netflix that should be leading to The Defenders and a cross media streaming super power. This last bit is for SEO. Marvel Comics. Comic Books. We didn’t start the fire.

Ex Hour Podcast 123: Game of Thrones

This week on An Hour With Your Ex we head north of uptown Chicago to lair of Arnie Niekamp and Sarah Maher to talk about Game of Thrones. We recorded hours before “Hardhome” and I promise you’ll still have a good time. Since so much happened just a few hours later we had to bring someone on to follow up on “Hardhome.” Sammy Tamimi from The Pop Fury Podcast stopped by to fill us in on White Walkers, Others, and Ice Dragons? A ton of Game of Thrones talk for you.

Arnie is the host of “Hello from the Magic Tavern!” and a member of The Chicago Podcast Cooperative. If you like Piers Anthony or Terry Brooks you’ll love his show. Our sponsor this week is Maxistentialism a new zine from Max Temkin one of the creators of Cards Against Humanity. Game of Thrones is on HBO which isn’t TV. The Warriors are in overtime right now. Harrison Barnes drops a three! Hey guys thanks for listening. Please support our sponsor and our fellow podcasts. Rate us on iTunes. Sorry about all the selling.

Ex Hour/Panels on Channels Podcast – The Rocketeer

A wild group of kids known as Mark and Mel join the PonC crew for a special episode this week! We watched The Rocketeer, and now we’re gonna critique it, because that’s how an analytical podcast works.

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Colt Cabana Fringe Festival Spot

Colt emailed me Friday about 6pm asking if I could make something out of him and Brendon sitting on a bed. I emailed this video back to him by 10pm that night. It’s really silly but I honestly believe it’s memorable and will help him sell his show. Please listen to The Art of Wrestling and make it to Fringe once in your life.

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