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Month: March 2015

An Hour With Your Ex 112: The Jinx, Serial, and True Crime

This episode of An Hour With Your Ex is about The Jinx, Serial, and the rise of true crime as entertainment. How true is true crime? Why are we so fascinated by convicting people over the course of 6-8 weeks? What was the deal with Jarecki? When will the public turn on you? When will they turn on us?

An Hour with Your Ex is a Chicago based podcast hosted by comedian Mel Evans and moron Mark Colomb. This episode is sponsored by Shawnimals with the help of The Chicago Podcast Cooperative. Please get some tiny ninjas for the all of your friend’s kids like we did. Please mention our show when you do. Shawn is a great dude and we really love his work. This last bit is for SEO – WHAT HAVE I DONE? Burp.

We both write for and make videos as well. Check out our friends podcasts. Improvised Star Trek, Blurry Photos, The Nerdologues, MBSing, and Hello from the Magic Tavern.

Marvel vs. DC March Madness

Marvel vs. DC

I wrote about one of modern pop culture’s great debates. This is as close to clickbait as I can do right now.  I really have to thank BroJackson and Kat Gotsick for letting me write this.

DC’s Sweet Sixteen

Marvel’s Sweet Sixteen

The Finals: Spider-Man vs. Batman

“I have received several strongly worded letters about Superman, and about the dearth of female characters in later rounds. I own up to all of it. I don’t disagree with you, and I will address the criticisms as I go. Really, the point of this bracket is the same as the point of wearing a t-shirt with some goofy thing you love on it. It tells you more about me than it tells you about the comics I picked. It’s never Marvel vs. DC, or Star Wars vs. Star Trek, or whatever camp in fandom where you hang your collectible hat vs the other. It’s all about you…”

An Hour With Your Ex 111: Law and Order: SVU

Law and Order: SVU Podcast

Law and Order: SVU Podcast

In the criminal justice system, sexually based offenses are considered particularly heinous. In New York City, the dedicated detectives who investigate these vicious felonies are members of an elite squad known as the Special Victims Unit.  In Chicago, Mel Evans makes Mark Colomb watch their episodes for hours on end.  This is their story.

Dun dun.

An Hour With Your Ex is a Chicago-based podcast hosted by comedians Mark Colomb and Mel Evans.  They write for and community posts on Buzzfeed.  “Law and Order: SVU” airs Wednesday nights on NBC for the past 16 seasons.  It was recently renewed for a 17th season.  This last bit is for SEO.

Dun dun.
The show is sponsored by Basecamp. Please visit them and mention us. Also thanks to The Chicago Podcast Cooperative for helping us out. Please visit them to find out about all our friend’s podcasts and our sponsors.

An Hour With Your Ex Podcast 110: Dead Again (1991)


New An Hour With Your Ex Podcast.

It’s Mel’s birthday month so we are getting her picks all March. First up? The Kenneth Branagh, Emma Thompson, Scott Frank classic (?) 1991’s Dead AgainA tale of past lives and passable American accents. We celebrate all things Emma Thompson and are working through some things with Kenneth Branagh. Also Wayne Knight and a secret cameo from Robin…(Williams, it’s Robin Williams).

This episode is sponsored by Field Notes. Please buy a nice notebook from them and say you heard about them on An Hour With Your Ex. Thanks to the Chicago Podcast Cooperative for helping us get this sponsorship. Please support them and their sponsors because they are supporting Chicago podcasting. An Hour With Your Ex is a Chicago based podcast hosted by Mel Evans and Mark Colomb.  .

You Don’t Need To Pick Me: Luigi Sings

Friend and Chicago film maker Aaron Amendola and the folks at VStheUniverse asked me to film a sketch for them. Aaron wrote, sings, and performs in the video as Luigi. A ton of folks came out to Stage 773 in Chicago to help out and play in the crowd. This was a pleasure to shoot and Aaron did a great job with the edit.

Inside The Wrestlers Mind with Colt Cabana and Marty DeRosa

This was fun. Colt and Marty let me film a sketch they wrote and star in. I edited as well. Mike Malarky did the score. Dan Myzinger helped us out. Read a profile of Colt Cabana in Rolling Stone where the video is featured. Thanks to Colt for helping me sneak into Rolling Stone.

An Hour With Your Ex After Dark: The Road To Wrestlemania

It’s An Hour With Your Ex After Dark where Mark and Mel take a break from each other and talk to their friends, sometimes. It’s Mark’s show and he talked to Mel (wait, what?) and Bro Jackson dot com writer Robert Rich about everything on the road to Wrestlemania. Roman Reigns, Daniel Bryan, NXT, Divas, Vince, Triple H, Brock, and more. We cover a lot.

An Hour with Your Ex is a Chicago based podcast hosted by comedians Mel Evans and Mark Colomb. Mel writes for Bro Jackson and Mark makes videos for the web. Robert Rich writes about NASCAR for Bro Jackson. This last bit is for SEO. Follow Mark, Mel, and Rob on twitter. Watch a video Mark made with Marty DeRosa and Colt Cabana. Find out about the Chicaco Podcast Coop. Listen to Improvised Star Trek. Watch NJPW on AXS. Eat less salt.

An Hour With Your Ex Podcast 109: Drive (2011 Movie)

An Hour With Your Ex Podcast 109: Drive 2011

An Hour With Your Ex: Drive 2011

This week on the Chicago based podcast An Hour With Your Ex we take a ride in the elevator with a special guest. Chicago actor and comedian Dylan James Hackworth picked the Nicolas Winding Refn film Drive from 2011. It’s An Hour With Your Ex and guest. Only the show is about 90 minutes this week and we’re married. But other than that it’s a pretty accurate title.

This whole bit is for SEO. An Hour With Your Ex is a Chicago based podcast hosted by Mel Evans and Mark Colomb. Mel Evans and Mark Colomb both write for Brojackson dot com and have performed comedy in Chicago. Dylan James Hackworth performs at iO Chicago and The Playground. We are doing the Kenneth Branagh/Emma Thompson film Dead Again next episode. Thanks for listening.

Mark directed and edited a video starring Colt Cabana and Marty DeRosa that was featured on Rolling Stone so please watch that if you get the chance.

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