Hello Rich Guys,

Alan Horn here CEO of Disney. Well, well, well. You all laughed at me when I said we should buy Marvel Comics for 4 Billion Dollars. Everyone questioned me. Everyone said we overpaid. Guess what? Everyone can suck thisĀ mouseketeer’s nut sack. After getting the grosses on Iron Man 3 my first idea was to build a real 20 story Scrooge McDuck style vault and swim around in my comic book movie money. However instead I decided to pump the money back into our production schedule. We own thousands of characters and I will be dammed if we don’t exploit all of them.

We have to branch out. Next summer we are bringing the Guardians of the Galaxy to the screen. It will be Marvel’s version of Star Wars. But what else can we give the public? I believe it’s time we get serious. We are going to take Marvel to the independent world. We are going to win Sundance and get ourselves a goddamn Palm Dior. How you ask? How about with this lineup?

Giant Man and The Wasp – Sarah Polley directs and stars as Janet Van Dyne The Wasp. Daniel Day Lewis plays her husband Hank Pym Giant Man/Ant Man. Since we have another Ant Man picture in development he will only be Giant Man. A hard hitting domestic drama about the pain of making a super hero marriage work. This film will touch on domestic violence and super heroics. A story of super heroes that need to be saved from themselves. This could be our Oscar picture if we nail the tone. I really believe that the world is ready to see the painful world of super hero marriage.

Captain Marvel – Based on the 70’s graphic novel. The story of Captain Marvel being exposed to nerve gas and developing incurable cancer. Shane Caruth directs himself in this cosmic story of loss. We open on Captain Marvel being exposed to nerve gas. The final 2/3 of the film is done completely silent and without music. The only noise will be the heartbeat and breath of Captain Marvel as he slowly slips away. The story of a super hero and the one villain he can’t defeat. I understand the original graphic novel was a real hit so we should have a built in audience. We will introduce Captain Marvel in the post credit tag on Guardians of the Galaxy. We open on his galactic mailbox. He opens and sees results from the space hospital. The word Cancer is written across the paper. He crumples it up and falls to his knees. Smash cut to black and then smash cut to green for all the money we are going to make.

Dazzler – A period piece. Dazzler is a marvel mutant from the early 80’s who sings and dances. We will set the picture in the late 70’s early 80’s New York. Dazzler starts out as a waitress in Studio 54. She moved to New York with a bag full of leg warmers and a dream. This merry mutant rises to fame as New York is crumbling around her. Look for a David Bowie to show up as a spirit guide/slash third act villain. As Dazzler is rising the charts people around her are dying of a mysterious disease that no one recognizes. It looks like the flu and is taking people left and right. Can Dazzler top the charts? Can Dazzler stop AIDS? To be directed by John Cameron Mitchell who will also star as Dazzler. We are hoping to hit the sweet spot between Fame/Cruising/Flash Dance. It could be huge.

As you can see their is a whole world of characters and stories. Marvel doesn’t have to just be for children. If we can get traction in the world of adult cinema there will be no stopping us. We can get them as kids with the Avengers and then take them through their pretentious 20’s and 30’s as they attempt to grow up.

Make Mine Marvel,

Alan Horn