To The Members of the Westminster Kennel Club,

As president of the Westminster Kennel Club it is my job to reach out to you and explain the recent issue and problems facing our great organization. We run the largest and most prestigious dog shows in the world. Recently some of the dogs have been going on the news and speaking out against our organization. Complaints of misconduct and charges of exploitation are unfounded and as the rest of this letter will answer their baseless pointless charges. I would like to address any and all complaints point by point.

First of all. Charges that the dogs are not paid are 100% correct. We do not pay the dogs to participate in the Westminster Dog Show and we never will. These dogs are amateurs and will be treated as such. The dogs receive grooming, meals, board, and exposure on one of the largest stages in the world. We are providing the dogs the opportunity to showcase their talents and their breeds. When Banana Joe V Tani Kazari won this year your couldn’t find an Affenpinsher to adopt. A victory at the WKC is a boon to any breed lucky enough to be selected.

We cannot be expected to pay them even though we use their likenesses on merchandise and marketing materials. We allow these animal athletes to be featured in prime time television. They are able to go on and sign with agents and take their talents to the professional dog show circuit.
We provide the venue. We provide the television coverage. These animals are nothing without us. There is no other kennel club with even a quarter the reach that we have.

As far as charges that we prefer certain breeds over others this just isn’t true. Have terriers won 45 out the last 103 shows? Yes. Is that a coincidence? Yes. Do we receive a significant donation every year from the Terrier Breeders of America? Sure. Is this related in any way? Not at all and we are shocked and offended by the accusation. We at the WKC strive for competitive balance and a level playing field for any and all breeds. The idea that the WKC could be bought or influenced by outside boosters is without merit. We run a clean program.

Some disgruntled losers have accused our previous champions of using performance enhancing drugs. This cheapens us all. We have rigorous testing procedures that are maintained by an internal committee appointed by the WKC. Who better than us to ensure the quality of our competitors? There is no need for outside testings. It would be harmful to the dogs and cast a cloud of suspicion over the owners. We will police ourselves and that is the end of the story. Do some of the dogs use european treats and over the counter grooming sprays? Yes. This is well within the guidelines we have set down. We have nothing to hide.

Recent talk of imposing the so called “Death Penalty” on our event is a nonstarter. Other dog shows view us with both envy and pride. They continue to spread innuendo and baseless gossip. The National Kennel Accreditation Academy (NKAA) has examined our policies and procedures and has assured us that nothing is out of order. We will continue to highlight the majesty and athleticism of our canine athletes. We will not be stopped and we hope to receive your continued support. All the best.

Never Stop Barking.

Landon Holden Richards III

President Westminster Kennel Club