There is a growing problem in the American media that I find incredibly disturbing. Look at the way our crimes are reported time and time again. The lame stream media is always trying to blame the people who commit these crimes and never take the time to think about what the supposed “victims” did to encourage the crimes. Or the benefits that these supposed criminals provide for America.

Take for example the story of a man in Florida accused of robbing a bank and shooting the guard on duty. It’s time for me to start asking the hard questions. Why was that bank full of money? What did they expect? You have a single lightly guarded building full of American currency and folks are just supposed to let it just sit there? YOU put the money in there Mr. bank manager. YOU put a sign out front advertising that it was a bank full of money. That sign was a beacon to the average man asking, neigh, demanding that he go inside and liberate the money inside. If you didn’t want someone to rob a bank maybe you should have had better security? This proud Floridian only fired two bullets at the guard. What kind of guard allows himself to die from two single bullets? But I digress.

Take for example the story of a man in Florida that burned down his home to collect insurance money. Now some people claim he is a monster because his family was inside and they perished in the blaze. But what was he supposed to do? He was paying insurance every single month and for what? If he didn’t burn that house down how was he supposed to get money from his insurance company? Was he just going to keep paying month after month, year after ear, and just “hope” that his home burned down? No. This man took his fate into his own hands and GOT THAT MONEY. Is there anything more American than this? If there is I sure don’t know it. Now his family did die and he is not only being charged with insurance fraud but also murder. They intend to take away this man’s promising future by locking him up for the rest of his life. Is this where you want America to end up? I sure don’t.

Take for example the story of a man in Florida that arrested for selling 100 pounds of cocaine to an undercover cop. I’m sorry when did selling a harmless plant derivative become a crime in America? This entrepreneur was out working hard buying and selling a product that people want. So of course BIG GOVERNMENT had to step in and shut him down. When will we start encouraging our local business owners and stop persecuting them? This man employed several people not to mention the police who were working to track him down. Who will these police officers chase now that he has been arrested? Who will hire all his former employees now that he has been arrested? Who, I ask, who? If selling a product that the American people are demanding is a crime than you better lock up Mr. Burger King.

Television and the internet are littered with stories just like the ones I described above. We need to stop attacking the criminals of America and start asking ourselves how we can allow them to live full and productive lives. Every single time you lock someone up for attacking a person, robbing a bank, or burning their home down you are taking a life away. You are taking away the chance that these people could go on to make a great piece of art or be good at sports or adopt a puppy. So continue your attack on the criminals of America and see where we end up.