Dear Mr. Jamie and Mr. Adam,

My name is Timothy Smith. I am a ward of the state of Nebraska and I am ten years old. I have been an orphan my entire life. My birth parents left me in the bathroom of Hardee’s in Omaha. When the guy who cleans up found me he called the police and they took me to the hospital then I ended in an orphanage. Here at the orphanage we don’t get to watch very much television but when Mr. Collins is in a good mood we get to watch Mythbusters. Mr. Collins is in charge he gets mad sometimes at me. You guys are the best. I like everyone on the show even that girl that wears socks on her arms.

I have a myth for you. Teddy who is one of the other orphans says that people don’t adopt left handed kids. Can you test this out? Teddy says the reason I keep getting sent back to the orphanage is because I am left handed. Have you heard about this myth? He says another older boy told him that. What exactly qualifies as a myth on your show?

Maybe I could help you test this myth? I have thought about this a lot. What about three rooms? One with only right handed kids, one with left handed kids, and another with a mix of both. I could be in the room with both and this would be the control room. Then you could get people that have enough money to buy kids food and new clothes and get them to adopt kids. Then we could find out once and for all if people won’t adopt left handed kids.

Jamie and Adam in order to make sure this a real control you would need to help me look like a normal boy. It would help if you could get me a long sleeve shirt. I have some bruises on my arm. Sometimes Mr. Collins grabs me too hard when he gets mad at me for not cleaning his office. I try real hard, I do. Sometimes I don’t do a good job cause I am so hungry. Mr. Collins says that orphans need to eat less than kids with families. Is this a myth we can also test?

We could make it an all orphan myth special. I bet I could eat as much as a kid with a family if I had the chance. We get to eat once a day on days that don’t start with a T. So I guess we are pretty lucky. On Mondays, Wednesday, and Fridays I am the happiest boy alive. That’s when we get to eat. I get real sad on Tuesday, Thursday, Taturday, and Tunday. Can we test that myth? I would love to eat on Tunday. The weekend is awful long Mr. Jamie and Mr. Adam.

Well. I hope I hear from you guys soon. If you could write me back that would be great. Please don’t let Mr. Collins find out I wrote you. Like I said. Sometimes he gets mad.


-Timothy Smith