Best Picture
Batmans vs Robocops vs Dougs
Critically acclaimed action movie director Lena Dunham’s smash sequel to Batmans vs Robocops stormed the box office with the addition of an army grizzled cloned Doug Funnies. The summer’s biggest hit is also a serious Best Picture contender.

Big Mac: The Movie
Ryan Gosling directed his own comeback picture telling the harrowing story of man determined to reunite with his long lost son and the reasonably priced hamburger that brought them together.

My Mother’s Drapes
Kyoung-Joo Lee Northern Korea’s master of stumble core brings the heartbreaking story of the window coverings that split a family apart but brought long lost lovers together. From a script by Girl Meets World co-creater Doug Mahoney.

Je Ne Sais Quoi
Woody Allen’s 60th film tells the story a man becoming a father for the first time at 95. A stunning adult turn by Willow Smith as his wife.

Dreams From My Father
Daniel Day Lewis plays President Barack Obama from age 12 to the final days of his Presidency. Warm, funny, and deeply human. This Palme d’Or winner warmed hearts and engaged minds.

Toiling and Troubling
Marlon Waynes one man production of Macbeth was a landmark film not only for acting but a technical achievement as well. Waynes delights in every single role in this unabridged production of The Scottish Play that has been updated to vibrant modern day Oakland.