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Date: August 21, 2012

Podbean Is Working Again. Listen To Poor Choices Podcast

Thanks for waiting that one out.  I will be embedding every Poor Choices Podcast and An Hour With Your Ex Podcast over the next few days.  You can always stream the show from Podbean but your best bet is to subscribe to the show on iTunes.  Thank you for wasting time on my site.

-Mark Colomb

The Annoyance 25

Untitled by Mark Colomb
Untitled, a photo by Mark Colomb on Flickr.

Great night in Chicago.

Podbean Is Down

My podcast hosting service is down right now. As soon as it’s back up all links should work. Sorry Folks

An Hour With Your Ex Episode 34: Pride and Prejudice

Mel Evans and Mark Colomb sort out why Colin Firth likes swimming and the difference between a harpsichord and a pianoforte.  We talk the BBC’s Pride and Prejudice this week.  Next week it’s a Tony Scott tribute with True Romance.



Poor Choices Podcast Episode 180: A Guided Tour of Roswell with John Thibodeaux

John Thibodeaux of iO’s Coup De Grace stops by to talk about Roswell, Chicago, and more.

A Website

Making podcasts and videos can be a little time consuming. People kept pointing out to me that I should really make a website. So here it is. You can find links to The Poor Choices Show, An Hour With Your Ex, and my videos in the header. If you think I should change something let me know. If you want to make something with me, let me know. All the best in all your future endeavors.


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